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"Screen time" refers to any activities done in front of a screen, such as watching TV, scrolling social media on a phone, or playing video games. Many of us worry about the amount of time are families are spending in front of our screens. 


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It turns out, not all screen time is equal, context matters. For instance, your child spending 4 hours creating and publishing a video to YouTube vs. mindlessly scrolling through videos of cats are two completely different versions of screen time.

So, how much time is your family spending on screens and what is the context? 

Watch this video from PBS, which gets us to reflect on ‘How Much is Too Much?’



Starting a family screen time audit is a great way to begin an informed discussion about time limits and guidelines. Click HERE to 'Take Action' with a family screen time audit with your family.

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UBC Okanagan researchers worked with Central Okanagan Public Schools, students, and parents to learn how kids in grades 4–9 spend their day. This info helps us understand how our choices impact our well-being. Click HERE to learn more.


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