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Digital Wellness - Bits & Bytes

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Did you know that Artificial Intelligence can create fun and engaging stories for your children, help you pick the perfect gift and also design weekly meal plans?

Story writing


Do your children love stories? ChatGPT can help you create a customized bedtime story. Give the chatbot a detailed prompt that includes your child’s preferred storytelling style, any details you’d like to include and the situation that you want the story to address. 


Here is a prompt for a hypothetical child who is terrified of learning to ride a bike. I asked it to involve some familiar characters: 


Act as a children’s book writer, mimicking “Teen Titans.” My Kid is terrified of learning to ride a bike. Can the story help him overcome his fears?


The Chatbot created a story the child could connect to. Replace ‘my kid’ with the Childs name and it would be even more personalized.


This would be a great activity to do with your child. Have them create the plot, setting, point of view, characters and conflict or situation and see what the chatbot creates for you. A great way to learn Story Elements and have some fun together!

Choose the perfect gift


Do you need help with choosing the perfect gift for someone? Try out this A.I. tool:  someone’s Instagram profile. Not sure the Instagram name, try out DreamGift. It uses a chatbot to ask you a series of questions about your gift recipient. 

meal plan


Do you struggle with creating a meal plan for yourself and your family? Is it tricky to find meals that accommodate different dietary restrictions? Try out this free AI tool: It will help you build a weekly meal plan and give you some example recipes to try.


Another option is asking ChatGPT for a meal plan formatted in a printer-friendly chart that can be stuck on your refrigerator. Here is my prompt:


Act as a private chef. I have a family of four, me and my husband and two children aged 6 and 12. Plan meals for us for five days, including breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner. We like Thai, Italian, and Japanese food. I like chicken and my husband prefers beef. We have no restrictions. Format in a chart.

Try it out to see what it can create for you!

Digital wellness connections

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Bits & Bytes

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