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Modeling Digital Citizenship To Our Children


Digital Wellness - Bits & Bytes

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In today's world, digital literacy skills are fundamental for our children's development,  integrated into their educational journey. But what about us, the parents and caregivers?

Can we effectively communicate and collaborate using digital tools?  Do we have a balanced attitude towards technology? Do we possess the critical thinking skills necessary to evaluate online content? Are we adept at leveraging technology for creativity and innovation?  Do we respect other's ownership of their digital creations? And perhaps most importantly, do we understand the nuances of online safety and security, along with other essential digital citizenship skills?

Parents play a crucial role in fostering digital literacy at home. Ensuring we are modeling best practice is a great way for our own children to learn these skills.

The "Golden Rule" is effective in Digital Citizenship- 

Treat others online as you would like to be treated.

8 Ways to foster your own Digital Citizenship

  1. Keep the privacy and security of self and others a priority

  2. Use the internet for positive purposes

  3. Be kind and show respect in online interactions

  4. Stay updated on new digital trends and safety measures

  5. Use open communication and be judgement-free

  6. Self reflect about online experiences

  7. Put effort towards digital exploration

  8. Reflect on your potential to making a positive impact online

Digital citizenship is more than just knowing how to click and swipe. It's about helping kids make smart choices, build real connections, and use the internet for good.

Teaching digital citizenship isn't only about keeping kids safe. It's about encouraging curiosity, understanding, and teaching them to be kind and respectful online. It's an ongoing conversation as technology changes. Keep communication open and supportive, and check in with your child regularly.

By supporting their digital journey and educational efforts, we're not just preparing kids for the digital world; we're helping them make a positive difference.

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