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More than 8 out of 10 people get their news from the internet and many use social media as their go-to place to find news information. With more accounts across social media platforms than people on Earth, who should you follow?


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Well the first thing to note is that ~90% of all media news is negative. That’s not new or unique to social media though. News has traditionally been negative way before smartphones were around. What is new though is we now have the ability to better curate what information we see and read.  

In the past you would turn on your TV and put on the evening news and watch whatever they laid out for you.
You now however have the ability to decide who to follow online and choose what you read and/or see. There is of course good and bad to this. If you choose to follow lots of accounts that post sensational stories or misinformation, you could be getting led down the wrong path. If however, you follow reputable accounts you can get a more accurate sense of the world around you.

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One account we would recommend that everyone follows is Goodable (on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or on their website). You can also subscribe for daily email updates or download their app on your smartphone (coming soon). 

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Not only does Goodable share accurate news, they exclusively post good news stories. With ~90% of news being negative, following an account that posts only positive news stories can give you a much more balanced and healthy news media regimen.     

No more fear. No more negativity. Goodable makes the news fun and inspiring and we encourage you all to follow their account on whatever social media platforms you use. You won’t regret it.

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