How do we use technologies to explore our learning and pursue our passions?


  • Inquire about things that interest you - read more, watch videos, listen to podcasts, collaborate with others

  • Join communities to extend your learning - follow hashtags, join groups, and sign up for online learning opportunities

  • Showcase your learning and creativity - share your learning with a wide audience and seek feedback about your next steps

  • Develop digital literacy skills that includes effective internet searching strategies and smart uses for digital tools

  • Find websites, programs and apps that help you practice skills that you are working on

  • Be curious about our global community and explore the world around us



The following provocations are meant to provoke discussion on the topic of "Explore Learning." Having discussions on these resources will help provide insight on students passions and interests and also help provide a direction for future learning.

This news article from Ed Tech Magazine looks at Google Soli and how in K–12 education, motion-sensing devices could support screen control and collaboration platforms.

Tweet from Ira Socol: “If you don't use your kids' cell phones in class you only prove to kids that you know nothing about the century they live in. And showing the irrelevance of school won't help you teach them.”


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