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What really matters iceberg.png

CSL: What really matters?

With so much change coming all at once with the redesigned curriculum and alternative ways to communicate student learning it is tough to focus on what really matters. This post tries to clear the path...

From CSL to SCL

What do we mean when we say "communicating student learning" and how does it differ from reporting? Learn how a simple shift may help put students at the centre.

Building Understanding, Trust, and Relationships with your Parent Community via FreshGrade

Learn how one SD23 teacher is using FreshGrade to connect with his parent community in new ways.

5 Ways That "FreshGrade is not Facebook"

Have you encountered "Fresh-strations" in using FreshGrade. Perhaps it is because we're treating it like FaceBook?

Leveraging FreshGrade as an Administrator

Learn how one SD23 Administrator used FreshGrade to connect with his school's students and parent community in positive ways.