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Star Words

In this game children practice finding high-frequency words in the books they have at home.

Word Jenga Instructions_Page_1.png

Word Jenga

Have a set of jenga blocks at home? If so, learn how this game can be used to support high-frequency words recognition.

Zap It Instructions_.png

Zap it

A popular game in many SD23 classes. Take turn reading sight words on popsicle sticks but watch out for the zap it sticks!

i have image.PNG

I have... Who has...?

Simple game for turning a few spare minutes and making them into a worthwhile learning experience for all.

Rhyming Game.PNG

Rhyming Game

A family favourite to play at home on this colourful game board to builds core language skills.

Roll a Sight word Instructions.png

Roll a Sight Word

Make your own sight word dice and roll your way to sight word confidence!

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