Learning Technology Department Support Plan


In the event of any significant interruption of service to students and their learning, the Learning Technology Department is able to support staff as they work to maintain continuity of instruction and learning.  Digital tools can be used to communicate with families and the community, as well as facilitate ongoing learning for students at home.


Communication Tools and Strategies:

In Central Okanagan Public Schools, staff currently use a variety of different mechanisms to communicate with students and families, including: email, websites, and classroom digital tools.  In many cases, staff will be able to leverage the current digital tools available, as well contact information in our student information system (MyEdBC), to support student learning at home in the event of a significant interruption of service.

Communication Tools that staff currently have access to in Central Okanagan Public Schools: 

Teaching and Learning Supports:

The teaching and learning supports that the Learning Technology Department can provide include consultation, recommended resources, and personalized training/support for staff.

Supports that will be available include:

  • Consultation with school administration and staff 

  • Digital Learning Resources available on the SD23 Dashboard

  • In-person or virtual training opportunities as needed

  • On-demand support (Help Desk @ 250-860-9729 Ext: 3016 and tech.support@sd23.bc.ca

  • A list of recommended digital tools and curriculum resources for consideration

  • Supports for school and/or district-wide communication (websites, SchoolMessenger, etc.)



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