Innovating Teaching & Learning

in a Digital World

ReFreshED 2020-2021 THEORY OF ACTION:

We know that learning is extremely complex. As we innovate learning and work towards building greater student agency, we need to reconsider the traditional roles of learners, educators, curriculum and learning environments as well as the interactions between them. Technology in innovative learning environments is deeply embedded across these elements of the pedagogical core and the principles of learning at it’s centre. As such, we believe technology must be included as a meaningful part of learning arrangements, rather than approached as an end unto itself. As a learning organization, we aspire to support learners to leverage the affordances of technology to support deeper learning.


we will continue to grow a Digital Age Learning Culture that focuses on a “pedagogy first, tech second” approach; where the role of technology is to support and enhance deeper student learning.



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Central Okanagan Public Schools - Learning Technology Department