SD23 FreshGrade Playbook

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Finding Your Why

Having a clear direction around your why for communicating student learning is crucial. Learn how teachers across our district are using this powerful tool in a number of different ways.


Getting Started with FreshGrade

Everything you need to get FreshGrade off the ground from where to login to how to set up your account. It all start here!


Dashboard Overview

This video details everything you can find on FreshGrade's dashboard including how to send notifications, how to send a quick a add, and how to see what has happened since you were last in.

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Portfolio Organization

FreshGrade offers a portfolio that can become a bit unwieldy at times. This video looks at one way you can use activities to create a structure to create similar learning activities together.

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Inviting Parents

As we all know clear communication to parents around their child's learning is crucial for success. Learn how you can quickly invites parents to be a part of their child's learning journey.

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Activating Student Accounts

An overview of how to get your students up and running in FreshGrade so that they can comment and submit content via FreshGrade.

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Custom Assessment Scales

Schools across our district have developed their own proficiency scales for communicating student learning. Learn how you can build your own custom scale in FreshGrade.

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Invite a Colleague

FreshGrade is unique in that it allows support teachers, librarians, administrators, etc. the opportunity to add, view and comment on learning evidence. Never before has there been such coherent communication across schools.

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Standards-Based Assessment

Learn how FreshGrade can be utilized to support a student-centered standards-based assessment strategy using both the gradebook and portfolio functions.


Student Name Changes

You may have a student that needs to have their name changed in FreshGrade. This video explains how we can make that change happen.

Student name change.PNG