How do we balance our digital habits and self-regulate our own behaviours?





  • Balance time online with time to connect in other ways

  • Think about what you’re actually doing online as much as you think about how long you’re doing it, quality of content matters as much as quantity of time

  • Be sure to make time for physical activity

  • Safe-guard your sleep - turn off notifications, charge devices in other rooms and avoid screen-time before going to bed

  • Be present with others - make eye contact, listen actively, avoid digital distractions and engage in conversations

  • Adjust notification settings on your devices and practice self-control

  • Be aware of the physical needs of your body - adjust your posture, turn on lights or be outside, turn down headphones, take activity breaks, rest your eyes and make healthy food choices

  • Mind your manners and be respectful with others online



The following provocations are meant to provoke discussion on the topic of "Practice Mindfullness." Having discussions on these resources will help provide insight on students passions and interests and also help provide a direction for future learning.

How different families are approaching kids and tech

A comparison of two different ways families are taking around tech use in their households by NBC's Today Show .


A California High School is locking devices up

This article and video from NBC news describes how schools are asking students to physically look up their devices in “Yondr” pouches for the school day to ensure they are not distracted at school (additional Yondr link).


Would your kids respond in the same way as these kids? 

Natural Valley Ad: Video begins with adults discussing how they enjoy various aspects of nature, then kids talk about their love of tech (video games, tablets, etc.). Videos aim is to get kids to rediscover the joy of nature.


Cell Phones in Class Driving You Nuts? Try One of These 

Managing Cell Phones in Class - teacher tips to manage storing student cell phones in the classroom.


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