The purpose of the Technology Refresh is to support student learning and achievement by ensuring a standard level of computing resources to staff and students across the school district. Schools will be provided:


  • reliable, quality access to educational and corporate software applications, educational computer resources and district network resources.

  • a secure computing environment, protect end user data and comply with FOIPPA legislation.

  • reduce total cost of ownership through system-wide standardization, removal of obsolete hardware, centralized acquisition and procurement processes.

  • technical and teaching & learning professional development that supports the redesigned curriculum.

Growing a Digital Age Learning Culture

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The Role of Technology

Technology “is everywhere and we cannot imagine learning environments not harnessing the potential of digital technology in some way(s).” (pg 48)

“At the same time, the mere presence of technology is not by itself sufficient to innovate learning environments. Nor should innovation be assumed to be synonymous with going digital, as this may only be reproducing traditional methods and pedagogies with a different format.” (pg. 46)


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Central Okanagan Public Schools - Learning Technology Department