How can digital tools help us to spread positivity, promote kindness and demonstrate care for others?


  • Be a positive leader - set an example for others that reflects optimism, positivity and caring

  • Think beyond the “like” button - express gratitude and celebrate the good around us by sharing examples of accomplishments of self and others

  • Show compassion for others, especially those people who might be marginalized or victimized

  • Steer clear of the drama - foster healthy relationships with peers and manage conflict peacefully and with maturity

  • Celebrate diversity in our local and global communities

  • Leave a positive mark on the world - create a digital footprint that represents your best foot forward



The following provocations are meant to provoke discussion on the topic of "Spread Positivity." Having discussions on these resources will help provide insight on students passions and interests and also help provide a direction for future learning.

'Sit With Us' App

This video from CBS News describes an app built by a teen looking to help other students who had no one to sit with at lunch.

A Sincere Compliment

This video describes how one student made a twitter account to pick up students that were down or deserved to be congratulated with sincere compliments. Then it blew up to involve the entire school community.


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