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The Learning Technology Department consists of Technicians, Developers, Software Support, Blended & Distributed Learning, Teacher Consultants, and Administrators. We work together to provide technology to support teaching and learning opportunities across our district's 44 schools.

A Shared Vision

As the Learning Technology Team for the Central Okanagan Public Schools, we believe in nurturing and growing a Digital Learning Culture in our district.  A culture

  • that focuses on leveraging technology in meaningful ways to deepen student learning;

  • where students are growing an adaptive technological skill set that empowers them to critically think, collaborate and communicate powerful ideas;

  • where students shift from being consumers to creators;

  • where students are focusing on their own digital health and wellness by actively engaging in the development of the knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to live well in a digital world.


BC’s Know-Do-Understand Curriculum Model, the Spirals of Inquiry, and the OECD Principles of Learning help guide our way as we prepare today’s students to thrive in a constantly evolving technological landscape.  We believe that our strong Digital Learning Culture will empower us as educators to truly develop our students into Digital Age Learners.

Empowering a Learning Organization

Our Core Strategic Drivers



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Central Okanagan Public Schools - Learning Technology Department