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Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) 

Central Okanagan Public Schools conducts Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) on software systems and applications used to deliver education services to students and families.  


A PIA is a tool to assist public bodies in identifying, assessing, and addressing privacy risks to personally identifiable information throughout the procurement, development, and use of a software application or system.  As part of the PIA process, schools/districts take appropriate steps to ensure that parents, students and educators understand what meaningful measures have been taken to protect the safety and security of their personal information (please see Privacy & Security of District Applications section below).


Completed PIAs and updates are retained in a secure location at the School Board Office for the purposes of demonstrating due diligence and if needed, to respond to a requested Privacy Commissioner’s Audit. Questions regarding any of Central Okanagan Public Schools’ PIAs can be directed to the School Board Office (250-860-8888).  

Privacy & Security of District Applications 
Central Okanagan Public Schools strives to ensure all district web applications meet the principles and standards of the Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), as well as the British Columbia Freedom Of Information And Protection Of Privacy Act (FOIPPA).  

In accordance with the Obtaining Meaningful Consent: Guiding Document developed by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada and the Office of the Information & Privacy Commissioner of Britsh Columbia, Central Okanagan Public Schools aims to make privacy information readily available in a manageable and easily-accessible manner for the parents, guardians, staff, and students. The four-part privacy & security overview framework for each application below is aligned with the recommended outline from the Obtaining Meaningful Consent: Guiding Document:
Overview of the personal information being collected (What information is being collected?)
Company/Party in which the personal information is being shared (Who is it being shared with?)
Purpose(s) of the personal information being collected (For what purpose?)
Overview of relevant privacy & security information for the public (What else do I need to know?)


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