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District Applications


What information is being collected?

  • Teacher name, district email address and country. 

  • Student name, email address, and country.

Who is it being shared with?

  • District and school teaching and IT staff maintaining user accounts for Adobe Creative Cloud. Adobe support staff may access accounts for support services.

  • Adobe Creative Cloud user accounts are stored and accessed through servers outside of Canada.  

For what purpose?

  • Provides students and staff with access to a collection of software tools including graphic design, audio/video editing, web development, and photography. These products and services will support and enhance both the staff and student experience in creating, managing, delivering, measuring and engaging with curriculum across SD23.


What else do I need to know?

  • Adobe Creative Cloud collects, stores, processes and shares student personal information only for the purposes of providing the service.

  • Adobe Creative Cloud does not own the content or data collected from a district, school board, school, teacher, or student.

  • Adobe Creative Cloud does not sell, use or share personal information or content for marketing or advertising purposes.

  • Adobe Creative Cloud does not use student data for targeted advertising purposes.

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