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Privacy & Security

In Central Okanagan Public Schools we strive to establish a healthy digital learning and working ecosystem that is safe, protects the privacy of students, staff, and families, and mitigates risks for each individual and the school district.

Led by our Central Okanagan Public Schools Privacy & Security District Advisory Working Group, our mission is to co-create and foster a culture of awareness and shared responsibility for the security of data and the protection of privacy.  

Privacy & Security is one of our Learning Technology Department’s core strategic drivers.  We understand that this work involves both maintaining a secure and safe computing environment while at the same time growing a culture of shared responsibility around privacy and security for all users in our district.  As we’ve heard before when it comes to cybersecurity, “you can build your walls as high as you want, but if someone just opens the front door (ex. clicks on a link in a phishing email) the walls won’t do anything to protect you”.  As such, it is important that we are providing ongoing guidance and timely learning to develop the knowledge and skills of all users in our district. 

In the following web pages, you will find a variety of helpful resources to help build your awareness and understanding on how to protect the privacy of students, staff, and families, and mitigate risks for both yourself and others.

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