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Consent Forms

Use of technologies and digital citizenship is a shared responsibility between students, parents/guardians, educators, schools, districts, and governments. Given the dynamic nature of digital technology, all groups work together to reduce the risks posed by Internet usage and promote positive digital citizenship practices.


As part of their roles and responsibilities, educators must ensure they’ve obtained student and/or parental consent for any and all digital applications that they choose to use with their students.  

Below you will find consent form templates and information for district-provisioned and commonly-used applications:


Adobe Creative Cloud.png

If you are looking to make use of a digital application not noted above, you are able to create your own consent form to have students and/or parents complete.  Simply click the “Create Your Own” icon below and follow the steps in the document.  We also recommend that you contact the Learning Technology Department ( to consult and receive guidance to ensure the digital application you are looking to use is safe and secure for your students and families.

Create copy of consent form template.png
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