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District Applications


What information is being collected?

  • Teacher name, teacher email address and school location.  Pseudonyms are used for student accounts when accessing RAZ-Kids tools. 

Who is it being shared with?

  • Learning A-Z user accounts are stored and accessed through servers outside of Canada.  

  • Learning A-Z support staff may access account data to provide customer service to teachers requiring support.  

For what purpose?

  • Provides engaging and attractive reading resources for students, from emergent to proficient readers. 

  • Presents reading materials and engages students in quizzes, assessments and support materials.  

  • Supports studies in other curricular areas by developing reading skills and providing engaging content on a variety of topics for students with different interests. 


What else do I need to know?

  • Learning A-Z collects, stores, processes and shares teacher information only for the purposes of providing the service for the duration of the annual license. 

  • Learning A-Z does not own the content or data collected from a district, school board, school, teacher, parent or student. Users own their content and data.

  • Learning A-Z does not sell, use or share personal information or content for marketing or advertising purposes.

  • Learning A-Z does not use student data for targeted advertising purposes.

  • At any time, a parent/guardian can request that access to Learning A-Z programs be withdrawn.  

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