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District Applications


What information is being collected?

  • Upon completed consent, Google Apps for Education accounts are created using student name, grade level, and school name.

  • Other information collected in using a Google for Education account includes content created in and/or uploaded to the Google for Education platform by the user.

    • Content will typically take the form of assigned projects, presentations, documents, multimedia, and calendar entries created by students (eg. students working together on a group project).  

    • This content may contain personal student information reasonable for education purposes (for example, student names on written assignments). 

Who is it being shared with?

  • The information to create accounts and content created by each user are stored and shared on the secure global servers of Google for Education.

For what purpose?

  • Google for Education is used by many of the world’s leading educational institutions, including universities, secondary, and primary schools, and is intended to aid in the educational process and facilitate the instruction of digital, and online-based skills in order to better equip students for the world around them.


What else do I need to know?

  • All information shared with Google for Education is owned by our school district and can be removed at any time. Google builds and operates our own secure servers and platform services, and provides school districts with the ability to monitor and manage data security. 

  • Google for Education servers are located outside Canada, therefore the consent process must be completed prior to students being provided a Google for Education account.

  • Google for Education does not share any data or user information with any other party.

  • There are no ads in Google for Education services, and users’ personal information will not be used to create ad profiles for targeting. 

  • Google for Education is audited by independent organizations to ensure their data protection practices meet rigorous standards.

  • Google’s data centers use sophisticated hardware and are able to quickly respond to any threats or weaknesses that may emerge.

  • Google for Education encrypts all data while on the move. This ensures that your data is safe not only when it moves between you and Google's servers, but also as it moves between Google's data centers.

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