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District Applications

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What information is being collected?

  • Student name, grade and school assignments, passport and study permit information, homestay details, parent/guardian contact information for international students.

Who is it being shared with?

  • District international education department staff who manage international student intake and management. 

  • Agents, parents/guardians and homestay families associated with international students.

  • Applications that support providing insurance, English testing, and payment gateway.

For what purpose?

  • Ensure compliance with the Central Okanagan School District’s international student application and legal agreement processes, as well as Canadian Immigration rules.

  • Deliver a quality academic and cultural experience to international students.

  • Assist new residents settling in Canada to adjust to a new culture and language.


What else do I need to know?

  • TRUE North collects, stores, processes and shares student personal information only for the purposes of providing the service.

  • TRUE North does not own the content or data collected by a district, school board, school, agent, parent or student. Users own their content and data.

  • TRUE North does not sell, use or share personal information or content for marketing or advertising purposes.

  • TRUE North does not use student data for targeted advertising purposes.

  • TRUE North is fully compliant with British Columbia FOIP legislation and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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