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Do Our Attitudes Towards Technology Impact Our Children's Attitudes Towards Technology?


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Attitudes towards technology greatly influence our ability to navigate tasks at home, work, and in life... take a few minutes to reflect on these questions below. 

Do you have the confidence to solve computer software or technical issues on your own?

When something goes wrong, do you immediately ask for help or do you attempt to troubleshoot on your own?

Are you one of those people that can transfer current knowledge to learning new technologies? 

Do you feel you can make an informed decision on the appropriate technology to use according to the purpose of the need at hand?


Reflecting on your answers above:
How do you think your answers to these questions affect your child's relationship with technology? Does it? 

4 Ways you can build your digital literacy skills and improve your attitude towards technology


Think of yourself as a "lifelong learner".

Digital skills will grow stale and need refreshing. It's not just about acquiring one set of digital skills, and then you're done, but requires an ongoing commitment to learning as technology changes.


Be positive about new technologies

Ignore negative headlines, especially those that say "robots are coming for all our jobs." Yes, many jobs will be obsolete due to automation, but the new jobs created will outweigh those that are lost, according to the World Economic Forum.


Focus on which technologies you value the most

Rather than being fear based, think about which new technologies will benefit you the most. Think to yourself "which of these technologies will help me in my current position and support me to achieving my goals?"


If you're resourceful, you're capable!

Resourcefulness is a mindset. Not everything is easy to fix or problem solve, but keeping a mindset that you can find answers and solve your own problems is a key component of being digitally literate. There are tools you can access like message boards, forums, instructional videos, social media pages, websites etc. filled with passionate and experienced people ready to offer tips and advice to support you. 

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