The following resources are meant to help provoke and introduce students to the five elements of Digital Wellness. These resources can support classroom discussion, self-reflection, and inquiry.

Interested in trying a digital wellness lesson in your classroom? If so, consider one of these lessons created by members of our Digital Wellness Lead team. You'll find lessons for Elementary, Middle, and High School students centered around our 5 digital wellness themes.


Humans of Boucherie

Learn how students from Mt. Boucherie Secondary are leveraging social media to create community in their school.

With the help of our district's Digital Wellness Elementary Lead Team we've curated a list of 6 picture books that help support digital wellness discussions and questions.

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Are you getting all sides?

All sides exposes people to information and ideas from all sides of the political spectrum so they can better understand the world — and each other. Balanced news coverage, media bias ratings, civil dialogue opportunities, and technology platform are available for everyone and can be integrated by schools, nonprofits, media companies, and more.


Click Farms

Video shows how likes, retweets, favourites, etc. may not be telling the true story on how popular or unpopular a social media post is! 

Lock devices up?

This article and video from NBC news describes how schools are asking students to physically look up their devices in “Yondr” pouches for the school day to ensure they are not distracted at school 


News Impact

Infographic from well-respected Common Sense Media shows how young people perceive and are impacted by the news

Where is Fake News from?

Title is pretty self-explanatory but this entertaining and informative video discusses the concepts of influencers, confirmation bias, trust, echo chambers, etc. Finally it ends with some tips to identify fake news.

Save the Tree Octopus!

Website that brings awareness of the need to help support the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus from extinction. Site includes FAQs, sightings, media, activities and links. It looks like legitimate information but...!


'Sit With Us' App

This video from CBS News describes an app built by a teen looking to help other students who had no one to sit with at lunch.

DIgital Wellness Inquiry ?'s

Generating inquiry questions around a topic can be tricky. Take a look at some sample questions we've put together around our 5 digital wellness elements with a focus on improving the school community.

Digital Wellness Sample Inquiry Question