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Design Thinking Resources

An Introduction to Design Thinking

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Every you need to know to get off and running with design thinking is in this short and easy to read document from Standard's d school.

Design Thinking Classrrom Strategy Matrix

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Another great resource from Stanford's d school with activities to help your students go deeper with design thinking. Activities include goals, duration, and how to use the activity.

Global Goals Resources


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Global Goal Provocations & Resources


Last year our Design Thinking Network was fortunate to have Trevor Mackenzie author of Inquiry Mindset & Dive into Inquiry engage our network. As part of our day with Trevor he shared this fantastic resource of Global Goals provocations for K-12. We've taken his and added even more!

Malala introducing the The Worlds Largest Lesson

This video written by Sir Ken Robinson is a great way to introduce the UN Global Goals to your students in a way that is meaningful and that all youth K-12 can relate to. 

SDG Resources shared at DTN Launch evening

This document contains a series of resources that were shared at our Design Thinking Network launch event on October 2nd. There a number of great access points for educators to use as you introduce the Global Goals to your students.


SDG Resources shared at DTN Launch evening

This document has specific resources to each one of the global goals. You'll find posters, FAQ's, websites, videos, statistics and much more!

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