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iPad FAQs

Where can I find more information on deploying Apps?

For more information on AirWatch click HERE.

Where can I learn how to AirDrop?

Information on Air Dropping HERE.


What is a good resource for learning more about leveraging iPad's to support deeper student learning and reflection?

Over the past year our team has leaned on the work of Karen Lirenman and Kristen's Wideen. Their book, Innovate with iPad, is aimed at teachers K-3 but also has Intermediate connections. The book is user friendly and allows even the beginning iPad user (or teacher!) the opportunity to implement ideas immediately to help make student thinking visible.

How do I purchase an iPad App?

Contact your site based iPad Administrator and/or consult with your Principal.

Who do I contact for help with the AirWatch?

For more information on this contact your school's iPad Administrator, your School's Technician or District iPad Lead Technician Nick Martens.

How do I access assistive technologies on the iPad.

Information of Assistive technologies HERE.

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